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{Immersive} Cold Brew at Home

Hot summer days beg for a refreshing cup of cold brew! While there are many different ways to create cold brew, we're sharing one of the easiest methods to recreate at home.

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Coffee Processing Stories

It’s me Sandy again, ready to take you behind the scenes of Parisi Coffee and share some of our origin partners’ stories with you. I did a blog post about coffee processing methods a few weeks ago, but am going to dive a little deeper into why farmers choose the methods they do.  After picking coffee cherries, the seeds {or coffee beans} must then be removed from the pulp {or skin} of the cherry, which is also known as the “husk” or “cascara”.  Once the seeds are removed, they then need to be dried before removing a final layer, known as parchment. This process needs to be done before the raw beans are shipped to your favorite roaster. This action...

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Where Does Coffee Come From?

Did you know your favorite coffee beans begin their lives by growing on an evergreen shrub somewhere on the globe between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. This belt that wraps around the globe is known as the “coffee latitudes," or The Coffee Belt. All specialty coffee is grown within this belt because of the climate conditions, altitude, soil types and plant cultivation, each of which influences the coffee’s taste before it ever leaves origin.

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Sporting KC and Parisi Coffee team up for Manager Peter Vermes “Il Mentore” Espresso Blend

Il Mentore—which means “mentor” in Italian—is a signature espresso blended by Parisi’s head roaster Nick Scott and personally selected by Vermes, who in his 13th season at the helm of Sporting is the longest-tenured manager in MLS history. The espresso blend is the second special-edition product in the Tifosi Series, which launched last spring as a declaration of fandom in Kansas City.

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