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{Arte Della Tazza}

Cup of Excellence - Ethiopia {Lot 16}

We are proud to be only one of three roasters from the United States to have successfully bid on a lot in the 2020 Ethiopia Cup of Excellence {COE}--the first of its kind! To say lots from this auction were highly sought after would be an understatement.

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What is Cold Brew?

Cold brewed coffee can be a little bit more complicated but not impossible! Depending on what type of coffee you prefer, there are many different options

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Brewing Methods

The brewing method you use can make a huge difference in the taste of your coffee. I’m listing below some popular brew methods and the unique extraction methods that they require. 

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Essential Elements for Brewing Coffee

It’s me Sandy again, ready to take you behind the scenes of Parisi Coffee and teach you how to perfect your brewing process and truly enjoy Arte Della Tazza {art from the cup}™! There are four essential elements for brewing delicious coffee: brewing device and filter, TDS of water, grind, and brewing recipe.

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How Should I Store My Coffee?

There are so many variables that affect the flavors in your final cup, but how it is stored and brewed are variables you can control. Today, we’ll discuss proper coffee storage and touch briefly on why your grind is important when brewing a great cup of coffee.

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