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{Arte Della Tazza}

Anaerobic Fermentation

Coffee isn’t usually thought of as a fermented beverage; however, a toasty roast has more in common with your favorite wine or IPA than you might realize.

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Parisi's New Look

Inspired by our family's love for art and artistry, the pride and pageantry of Italian cities, the way fashion and fabric can change our perspective on the simple act of getting dressed every day, the timelessness of beautiful architecture, and a love for il bel gioco, “the beautiful game,” our new packaging encompasses a vision of where Parisi is today and where we are going as a coffee company. 

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Cup of Excellence - Ethiopia {Lot 16}

We are proud to be only one of three roasters from the United States to have successfully bid on a lot in the 2020 Ethiopia Cup of Excellence {COE}--the first of its kind! To say lots from this auction were highly sought after would be an understatement.

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What is Cold Brew?

Cold brewed coffee can be a little bit more complicated but not impossible! Depending on what type of coffee you prefer, there are many different options

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