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Chi Siamo {Who We Are}


We opened the Parisi Artisan Coffee roasting facility in 2006. In the 15 years since we roasted our first batch of coffee, we have focused on excellence in quality at every step our coffee -- from sourcing, to roasting, to presentation in our cafes. The Paris family is honored to work with a team of coffee enthusiasts who have helped achieve our vision of the perfect cup of coffee.

  • Parisi Coffee won the World Barista Championship in 2013.
  • Parisi, along with Intelligentsia, is one of only two US companies to win a WBC championship.
  • Parisi employs two CQI Licensed Q Graders, one retired CQI Licensed Q Grader, World Barista Championship judges, and baristas who have been featured on the cover of Barista magazine. We're the best cup of coffee you can get in Kansas City.
  • Parisi owns and operate the largest green coffee storage and coffee roasting facility in the central Midwest.
  • Parisi knows that coffee sourcing, roasting, and packaging is a resource intensive industry and we do everything we can to minimize our environmental impact.

There is no coffee company like ours between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. 

Selecting, roasting, and brewing inspirational coffee is our art and passion.  As children, our grandmother’s stove-top moka pot espresso was the first coffee we knew and loved. It was our Sicilian grandmother who introduced us to the fine art of coffee. She instilled in us a deep sense of “coffee as a tasteful part of daily life.” It was always the pinnacle moment of every social occasion. It was treated with care and selected purposefully to be an ideal complement.

Since inception, we have strived to source the highest quality specialty coffee. Parisi is dedicated to perfecting roast profiles that maximize the natural essence in every bean. There is nothing automated or factory-like about what we do. It is, and will always be, a craftsman’s venture.

From our Heritage Espressos and Everyday Blends to the world’s rarest Single Origin coffee beans, Parisi Coffee is our proud homage to the artistry and exploration at the heart of our Italian heritage.