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Peru - Red Bourbon
Peru - Red Bourbon
Peru - Red Bourbon
Peru - Red Bourbon

Peru - Red Bourbon

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This prized Red Bourbon varietal comes to us from Ronal Carranza Montenegro’s farm, El Corazón, located high in the mountainous area of Gracias a Dios, in the Amazonas region of Peru.

This unique lot was fermented in airtight containers before being laid out to dry with the pulp still intact. By undergoing anaerobic fermentation and natural processing methods, these beans showcase notes of chocolate, tart cherry, and fruit compote with a smooth and fruity finish. 


Region Gracias a Dios, Lonya Grande, Amazonas, Peru
Farmer Ronal Carranza Montenegro
Estate Finca El Corazón 
Varietal Red Bourbon
Altitude 1900-1950 masl
Process Natural
Roast Medium


Origin Story:

Ronal Carranza was born in Gracias a Dios in 1975. He spent his childhood producing coffee with his father and has been in management for 20 years. He is driven by his love for his community and helping it thrive. In 2021, he started the coffee cooperative All Coffee Peru SAC with his neighbors and family. This endeavor culminates and represents his efforts and experiences throughout his lifetime. 

This lot of coffee underwent the anaerobic natural process meaning the beans had 72 hours of fermentation in their natural state and within very well-closed drums to increase the anaerobic state. After this very important stage in the process, they continued the drying process. The micro lot was laid directly in the sun for a controlled amount of time and then placed under a solar tent with frequent movements to avoid overheating for 15 days.