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Brew Methods 101: How to Pour-Over

Full immersion brew methods are great for full bodied coffees. Plus, it’s simply fun to do! Follow the steps below and brew your Parisi coffee like the pros.

  1. Fold #4 Melitta Filter along bottom and sides, then place in dripper.
  2. Flip the lever to “ON” and fill nearly full with hot water. (This rinses the filter and preheats the dripper.)
  3. Grind 24 g (~3.5 tbsp) of coffee and place in dripper. Empty the rinse water from the carafe. Make sure the lever is switched to “OFF”.
  4. Start a timer for 3 minutes 30 seconds. Add just enough water to saturate the grounds (~75 g of water). Let the bloom rest for about 30 seconds, then fill the dripper (~375 g water).
  5. Once the timer is done, slide the lever to “ON”. Let coffee drain into a carafe.
  6. Enjoy your masterfully brewed coffee!