Nicaragua Anaerobic - Los Pinos Estate

Nicaragua Anaerobic - Los Pinos Estate

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Parisi Coffee's Nicaragua Anaerobic has a syrupy body, and long-lasting, sweet-tart finish.

Region Matagalpa
Farmer Byron Corrales
Estate Los Pinos
Varietal Multiple
Altitude 1450 Meters
Process 48 hr Anaerobic Fermentation
Roast Light


This amalgamation of varietals is finished used an anaerobic process. The coffee cherries are picked and placed into a vessel from which the oxygen is removed. This causes the cherries to ferment in a micro-oxygen environment, resulting in new, expressive flavors. 

With notes of  Concord Grape, Mixed Berry Compote, Hibiscus, Vanilla, and Bitter Orange this is one of the four Los Pinos Estate coffees offered by Parisi Coffee.