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Mexico Oaxaca
Mexico Oaxaca
Mexico Oaxaca
Mexico Oaxaca

Mexico Oaxaca

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A fully washed Mexican coffee that has been medium roasted to showcase flavors of caramel, chocolate, roasted peanuts, and nougat.


Region Oaxaca, Mexico
Estate Red 5 de Deciembre Cooperative
Varietal Bourbon, Typica, Mundo Novo
Altitude 1300 MASL
Process Washed
Roast Medium


This coffee originates from the Red 5 de Diciembre cooperative in the Oaxaca region of Mexico. Red 5 de Diciembre consisted of just over 1,000 producers when it was established but has grown to include 2,519 member producers today. Through various grounds teams and representatives, this coop maintains a presence throughout a majority of the subregions in Oaxaca. This particular lot consists of a blend of traditionally washed coffees from multiple producers in the Sierra Sur region. 

Our Mexico Oaxaca is delicious when brewed both hot and cold. Check out our {Immersive} Cold Brew at Home blog post for a simple and refreshing cold brew recipe.