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Parisi @ Union Station

Our friends at Find It KC made this wonderful video for us. Enjoy this inside look into our café inside Union Station. Parisi Opens First Coffee Shop Artisan Coffee will open its first coffee shop in the city’s historic Union Station in late spring 2011 Originally published in 2011 KANSAS CITY, MO – The local artisan coffee roaster has been selling its various blends of 100-percent Arabica bean, drum-roasted coffee in local grocery stores for five years, as well as custom blends for a number of well-known area restaurants. The new coffee shop, which will be called Parisi Café, will feature its own coffee as well as barista-prepared lattes, cappuccinos, iced coffees and more – all freshly brewed for each...

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Natural and Washed Process Coffee

The Great Rift Valley of Africa that bisects Ethiopia creates mountains and valleys perfect for growing Arabica coffee. Several world renowned regions and townships fall around the Great Rift Valley; one of which being Yirgacheffe. The area climate provides high-altitude mountainous and tropical regions maintained by moderate wet and dry seasons. The altitude Ethiopian beans are grown at result in a hard bean with clean flavors and floral aromatics. At the base of Mount Lato Samalo lies the woman owned Pride Mill Washing Station. The Pride Mill, named by locals, is a collection of 2200 producers who live and work in the surrounding area. The mill employs over 200 individuals who receive, wash, sort, dry and prepare coffees for transport....

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Know Your Grinds

Knowing what grind profile is best for your preferred brew method is just as important as the beans you use. It’s always preferred to grind beans as needed, but we are always happy to grind our beans to your preference ahead of time. Check out this reference below to make sure you know your grinds. Coarse French Press Coarse Grounds are best for French Press and Cold Brew.Compare to kosher salt. Medium Drip Medium Grounds are best for Automatic Drip brewing. Compare to coarse sand. Fine DripV60/Chemex Fine Grounds are best for Pour-overs, V60 Pour-over and Chemex brewing methods.Compare to table sugar. Extra Fine ExpressoMoka Extra Fine Grounds are best for Espresso and Moka Pot brewing.Compare to fine powder with a...

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Behind Barrel-Conditioning Coffee

Since 2013, Parisi Coffee has been exploring the wild west that is barrel-aged coffee. And it’s been a delicious hit since launching the whiskey barrel-conditioned coffee series. The idea of barrel-aging has been around for a long time in the beverage industry. The earliest known reference of “casks of palm-wood filled with wine” dates back to 424 B.C.E. While barrels originally were a practical solution for food and beverage storage, aging whiskey for flavor most likely began around the 1800s.Coffee conditioning has been in the spotlight for a shorter amount of time. Roasters began selling barrel-aged coffee in notable quantities around 2010 and earlier. Green coffee beans tend to absorb aromas from its environment. This makes them an ideal candidate...

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Panache Chocolatier Now Serving Parisi

Panache Chocolatier & Parisi Coffee Pair Confections & Coffee on the Plaza Parisi Artisan Coffee is excited to announce a new partnership with Panache Chocolatier & Café. Nestled inside their boutique location in the heart of the Plaza at 418 Nichols Road, Panache Chocolatier will be expanding their menu to include the Italian-style espresso, coffee and seasonal drink features currently offered at Parisi Café. “We wanted to find a way to expand our menu with a great coffee program,” said Julie House, owner of Panache, “but we also wanted to partner with someone who approached their business from the local artisan perspective the same way we do.” Panache owners and staff spent several weeks working with Parisi’s menu developer and...

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