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What is Cold Brew?

It’s me Sandy again, ready to take you behind the scenes of Parisi Coffee and teach you about cold brew!
Cold Brew at Parisi Café - Overland Park
Cold brewed coffee can be a little bit more complicated but not impossible! Depending on what type of coffee you prefer, there are many different options: 
Cold Brew
Coffee steeped with room temperature or cold water. Typical brew time is 4-12 hours. At Parisi, we use a special technique for our Cold Brew...if you’ve never tried it, you really should!  It’s thick and rich and accentuates key flavor notes in our coffees.
Flash Brew
Coffee brewed directly over ice with half the amount of hot water, the coffee to water ratio remains equal to that of regular brewed coffee. The quickest way to get your iced coffee.
Coffee brewed fully immersed and steeped in room temperature water or cold water, with a brew time of 12-24 hours. This method takes the longest and is the thickest of them all.  
Any cold brew coffee pressurized with nitrogen gas. This method produces a creamy cascading effect when dispensed. 
Kyoto-style is a slow drip method originating from 17th century Japan. This slow brew is prepared on an elegant hourglass tower called the Yama. It’s made by letting water drip slowly, drop by drop on coffee grounds for 8-12 hours. We love the crisp, clean flavor profiles as it greatly accentuates single-origin coffees. 
I’m sure by now you have realized there are tons of ways to make coffee {brewed both hot and cold}, and each method has its own style! If you haven’t been to our café in Overland Park yet, make sure to stop in and ask our baristas about the different types of coffee we offer so you can try sampling the nuances between different brew methods!
Barista pouring iced coffee at Parisi
Our café in Overland Park specializes in pour over coffees brewed on what we call our slow bar. Do you know why we call it a {slow} bar?
It generally takes 3-5 minutes to brew a cup of coffee. Throw in another minute or two for prep time as the barista freshly grinds coffee and hand pours water from a kettle until that tasty brew is complete. So yes, it is a little slower but boy is it worth it.
Traditionally, when you walk into a café you grab a quick cup of coffee from a batch brewer {batch brewing is when coffee is freshly brewed in large batches}. Batch brewing has its perks, trust me. It’s perfect when you’re in a hurry to get to the next place. No judgment here, I understand. 
However, if you have a few minutes for an elevated coffee experience, try a pour over coffee instead. When you order a pour over at our café, your barista will grab the specific brewing device that our Head Roaster {Nick} chose for the coffee you are about to enjoy. Instead of grabbing a quick cup of coffee, our slow bar offers a unique and elevated experience showcasing our coffee’s unique tasting notes. It is a great opportunity to try a new coffee, served hot or over ice! 
Pouring cold brew into glass at Parisi
I confessed a couple of posts ago that I didn't care for washed coffees. I retract that statement, because today, I recommend trying our Mexico Oaxaca on our slow bar, it’s a lovely washed mild coffee with notes of chocolate, nuts and caramel. I can’t get enough of it.
You can also try one of our Los Pinos coffees from Nicaragua. Explore the unique processing techniques each of these coffees have undergone and experience the wonderful flavors each of these coffees have to offer.
It’s {slow} worth it!
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Sandy Hon
Sip, Savor, and Enjoy a good life!