Try our new Peru - Red Bourbon!

Peru - Red Bourbon Prerelease Event

Event Details

When: 6-8 pm on Friday, June 28th

Where: Parisi - Overland Park (7261 w 80th St., Overland Park, KS 66204)

RSVP: Here


We are thrilled to be hosting a free fun and educational night celebrating our newest micro lot, the Peru - Red Bourbon, on Friday, June 28th

Robin Seitz, our VP of Coffee Supply Chain, will share why we are so excited about this coffee and answer any questions guests have. In addition to our full menu, there will be samples of the new coffee, cocktails, and tasty treats.

This event will be an immersive and one of a kind coffee experience for anyone interested in hearing the stories behind our coffee and what makes them unique. There are limited spots available so make sure to sign up here


Robin Seitz 

Robin Seitz, our VP of Coffee Supply Chain, has been with Parisi Coffee since 2013 and in the coffee world since 2001. Throughout his time at Parisi, he has received his CQI Licensed Q Arabica Grader™ certification, developed relationships with all  our origin partners, visited countless coffee farms, and hand-picked each of our coffee offerings.