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Parisi Welcomes Travelers to Kansas City

The new Kansas City International Airport showcases local businesses throughout the facility with 80% of the vendors being local, and only a few national brands being represented. Parisi Coffee is one of two locally owned coffee shops present in the terminal, alongside City Market Coffee Roasters. 

The different "Neighborhoods" in the airport represent the different districts in Kansas City, with Parisi Coffee located in the Union Station & Downtown Neighborhood. Serving handcrafted espresso beverages, teas and treats, and a fresh breakfast, brunch, and lunch offering, KCI's Parisi Coffee location is perfect for welcoming travelers to Kansas City. 

The new airport terminal is a perfect match for Parisi Coffee. Delivering an authentic Italian café experience to guests, Parisi Coffee serves those with hearts for traveling and experiencing new cultures where their trips begin and end, the airport. Parisi is grateful to be a part of this new chapter and excited to continue serving its hometown, Kansas City.