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Parisi's SCA Chapter Committee Member, Jeni Kisa

We are proud to announce that Parisi Coffee's own, Jeni Kisa, is officially a Chapter Committee Member for the USA Chapter of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA)!

Jeni and her husband, Felix, have been married for 28 years and have three children, all of which are either in college or working full time. Jeni first entered into the coffee industry with a large national brand, and is now Parisi Coffee’s Director of Foodservice and Coffee Sales.  
Jeni was drawn to coffee after realizing how much of an impact coffee has on people around the world. She is passionate about sustainability of all kinds, and finds purpose in being a part of something larger than herself. She loves sharing the stories of our origin partners with customers so that they realize the impact their daily coffee has on farmers around the world.
Jeni is ecstatic to be a part of SCA and to represent Parisi Coffee within the organization because of the impact SCA has on specialty coffee, globally. She believes SCA is a platform where education and passion for sustainable coffee can grow. SCA has members from brands all across the world coming together as a movement, working together for a more sustainable specialty coffee industry.
Jeni Kisa and Parisi Team
We love having Jeni because her heart for coffee farmers and sustainability drives everything she does at Parisi Coffee. We are excited for her new endeavor as a SCA USA Chapter Committee Member and look forward to the future of specialty coffee!