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Barista Magazine Feature

Did you catch our feature in the latest issue of Barista Magazine? Eddie Gomez took a trip to our hometown, Kansas City, and enjoyed visiting our location in Union Station and tasting some of the many beverages our quality-control manager Aaron Duckworth has been crafting. 

In the article, Aaron shares about all of the work that goes on behind the scenes of each beverage we offer, saying "once a beverage or taste profile has been identified, I will subject it to a battery of sensory tests, both in terms of flavor, as well as from a tactile perspective." 

It is not the first time Aaron Duckworth has appeared in Barista Magazine, in fact he was not only featured by the magazine late last year, but was also on the cover back in 2005. 

In September, Eddie interviewed Aaron about cortados and the significance in their espresso-to-milk ratio. Aaron responded by saying "for people who like espresso-forward drinks, the cortado retains unique or outstanding flavor notes that are accentuated by the sweetness of milk without being diluted by it. For example, the aromatic fruit bomb of an Ethiopian espresso will still be there. It will only be slightly sweetened by milk." 


You can read more about the philosophy behind our coffee, our history, and our Union Station location in Barista Magazine's February/March 2023 issue.