Whiskey Barrel-Conditioned Colombia

Exclusively sourced Colombia beans conditioned in Tom’s Town Distilling Co.’s own whiskey barrel. The lingering aromatics of the bourbon are absorbed into the green bean, both rehydrating the coffee while imparting exquisite flavors. Parisi then roasts the beans to maximize the natural essence of every bean. This coffee is available in whole bean only.

SKU: 25032198

Since 2013, Parisi Coffee has been exploring the wild west that is barrel-aged coffee. And it’s been a delicious hit since launching the whiskey barrel-conditioned coffee series. The idea of barrel-aging has been around for a long time in the beverage industry. The earliest known reference of “casks of palm-wood filled with wine” dates back to 424 B.C.E. While barrels originally were a practical solution for food and beverage storage, aging whiskey for flavor most likely began around the 1800s.