Uganda Natural

A natural Uganda coffee that has been medium light roasted to showcase flavors of guava, walnuts and tropical.



Region Bukonzo
Estate Nyasaland
Varietal Bugisu, SL-14, SL-28
Altitude 1200-2200 m
Process Natural
Roast Medium Light

The Bakonzo farmer group is located in the Bukonzo County of Western Uganda, and represents several sub-counties including Kisinga, Kyondo, Kyarumba, Munkunyu, Mahango, Nyakatonzi, and Isango. Producers here own about 2 acres of land each and farm everything by hand within the family. Members of the Bakonzo community will often collaborate on “share farming,” where they assist one another with coffee processing as well as marketing.  After harvesting, the coffees are sorted using float tanks to ensure quality. The coffee is then brought directly to the drying tables for a week, and then they are transferred to tarpaulins to continue the drying.

This coffee is still a single origin but a blend of two roast levels.  We are using a two different roast profiles, blending them and creating a balanced and harmonious cup.  Thus, having a smooth nectar body, with flavors of tropical fruits, walnuts and guava.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

12oz, 32oz


Whole Bean, Ground for Drip, Ground for French Press, Ground for Moka