Tanzania Sombezi AA

A fully washed Tanzania coffee that has been lightly roasted to showcase flavors of mulled wine, rum raisin and black tea.



Region Mbozi, Songwe, Tanzania
Estate 220 smallholder farmers processed with Sombezi factory and Masangula AMCOS
Varietal Bourbon, N39, KT 423
Altitude 1590 Meters
Process Fully Washed
Roast Light Medium

Grown in the Mbozi district of the Songwe region of Tanzania by 220 smallholder farmers, our brand-new microlot showcases flavors of mulled wine, rum raisin and black tea. After undergoing a 24-36 hour washing and fermentation process, the 100% arabica green coffee beans were soaked for an additional 8-12 hours and dried on tables for up to two weeks.

Once the washed green coffee beans arrived at Parisi Coffee, our master roasters spent several days sample roasting, cupping and studying — honing the perfect taste.

With its close proximity to Ethiopia and Kenya, Tanzania has a long history with coffee. Not only do locals enjoy the beans sold & served as traditional coffee beverages, but also as a chewed fruit! In the 1920s, cooperatives of smallholder farms worked to improve market access, but it was many years before their coffees became popular amongst the international coffee community. Today, Tanzanian coffees are famous for their coffee quality as peaberry lots.

Weight N/A
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12oz, 32oz


Whole Bean, Ground for Drip, Ground for French Press, Ground for Moka