Ethiopia Sidamo Ardi

This coffee is full of ripe berry notes-a hallmark of natural Sidamo. It has a strawberry acidity and delicate but round body. We love the flavors of blueberries and dark chocolate also found in this coffee. This coffee received a Coffee Review rating of 93 points in 2014.



Region Sidamo Province, Southern Ethiopia
Estate Guji Washing Station
Varietal Heirloom
Altitude 1700 – 1900 Meters
Process Natural, Dried on raised beds
Roast Medium

This coffee comes from the Guji region of the Sidamo province. This region boasts its history as the location where coffee was first discovered. “Ardi” is the most prized coffee to come from the region. Only the ripest cherries are harvested and as they dry, they are moved every two hours for approximately two weeks to ensure the coffee is uniformly dried.

Weight N/A
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12oz, 32oz


Whole Bean, Ground for Drip, Ground for French Press, Ground for Moka