Parisi Coffee Wholesale

If you serve high-quality, artisan roasted coffee at your office, café or restaurant, it communicates something about you. It helps express how you want your customers, employees and guests to feel about you and about themselves. Of course it means you support the entrepreneurial spirit of independent craftsmen, but serving Parisi Coffee also means you support exquisite quality and taste.

Parisi Artisan Coffee is available wholesale in 5lb bulk whole bean packaging. Orders can be placed directly with our roasting facility for immediate roast-to-order production and expedited directly to you.

And because the brewing process is such an important part of the taste experience, we also offer recommendations on products and equipment for on premise coffee services, either in the kitchen or office setting, and will support you with service and training tailored to your needs.

For bulk pricing and information on coffee selections, please contact us at 816.842.5282 or via email at