CAFÉ LATTE   Espresso with silky, steamed milk.     
SIGNATURE CAFÉ LATTE  Our seasonal or featured latte selection, please visit the café for current offering.    
FLAVORED CAFÉ LATTE   Latte complemented with a house-made flavor selection.     
CAFÉ MOCHA   Espresso, steamed milk with house-made chocolate sauce.  
CAFÉ TRADIZIONALE   Espresso, milk and foam in the classic proportion.  {traditional is a 6 oz. portion}
CAPPUCCINO   Espresso, milk and foam.  

ESPRESSO   A double shot of our featured Espresso blend.  
MACCHIATO   Espresso mingled with an equal amount of creamy milk.  
CON PANNA   Espresso capped with house-made whipped cream.  
AMERICANO   Espresso and hot water.  
BREVE   Espresso and rich steamed half-and-half.

AFFOGATO  Vanilla gelato drowned in espresso. 

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