New Summer Seasonal Menu

Cool off with our brand-new seasonal menu featuring a refreshing cold brew shandy and lemon, blueberry & white chocolate cookie! Or, spend the summer sipping on our featured brew – Ethiopia Sidamo Ardi, a full-bodied single origin coffee with hints of semi-sweet chocolate, strawberries and blueberries. The notes of bright citrus and sweet berry mingled throughout each item are sure to please every palate.

Cold Brew Shandy: House cold brew, freshly squeezed lemonade and vanilla syrup

Lemon, Blueberry & White Chocolate Cookie: House-made cookie with blueberries, white chocolate and a hint of lemon

Featured Single Origin — Ethiopia Sidamo Ardi: A naturally processed coffee full of flavor with notes of semi-sweet chocolate, strawberries and blueberries. Shop for our Ethiopia Sidamo Ardi online!

Sip. Savor. Enjoy.