New Organic Tea

Parisi Café is now offering an entirely organic line of tea! Enjoy one of seven new brews in store to try and take some home. Loose leaf tea is steeped to order. Sachets and loose leaf is also available in retails packs to take home or share with the tea aficionado in your life.

Flavors Include:

Organic Breakfast Tea: Single origin organic Black tea from the Yunnan region. Smooth but with bold and complex flavors of malt and warm honey.
Organic Earl Grey Tea: An organic Earl Grey blend, made with single origin Black tea combined with the citrusy influence of Italian Bergamot Oil.
Organic Green Tea: A single origin organic Green tea from the Guangxi province. A smooth and savory-sweet flavor.
Organic Jasmine Tea: Organic single origin maofeng-style Green tea with milky-sweet summer jasmine blooms.
Organic Chamomile Citrus Tea: An organic, caffeine-free herbal blend of citrus, mint and sweet chamomile.
Organic Hibiscus Berry Tea: A sweet and juicy herbal and berry tea, with organic Rooibos for a strong fruit front and a tart finish.
Organic Herbal Peppermint Tea: An organic peppermint and lemongrass herbal tea blend.