New Nitro On Tap at Parisi Café

Parisi Artisan Coffee Launches Two Nitro Beverages At Union Station and Park Place Locations

On Monday, February 27th, Parisi Cafés will begin serving Nitro Cold Brew and Nitro Tea from a custom-built draft system. Nitro beverage are able to provide a new drinking experience to patrons who enjoy iced tea, iced coffee and cold brew.

The Nitro Cold Brew utilizes the house cold brew blend, which steeps for over 18 hours. Cold brew is then chilled and charged with pure nitrogen. When poured from the tap, the coffee then comes out with a richer body and full, creamy head. Nitro Cold Brew naturally tastes sweeter due to a lower acidity than traditional hot brew methods. The velvety texture enhances the smooth, chocolatey taste. There is also a higher caffeine content than a typical coffee or espresso beverage.

Nitro Tea begins as brewed loose leaf Organic Hibiscus Berry. Tea is then chilled, put in a tank and infused with nitrogen. While the taste will be familiar to tea drinkers, the texture elevates the tea to an entirely new experience. The nitrogen gas creates tiny pockets of air, enhancing the texture to that of a tea latte or milk drink.

Nitro Cold Brew hit the coffee scene in 2013 in Austin, TX and Portland, Oregon. Popularity of the beverage exploded in 2015 after word got around of its unique offerings. Parisi Café is one of a few coffee shops in the Kansas City Metro that offer nitro drinks. They plan on developing different coffee blends and organic teas for the future of the Nitro program.

Parisi Café will introduce Nitro with the following beverages:
Nitro Tea: Herbal Organic Hibiscus Berry tea is brewed, then infused with nitrogen. Velvety and full-bodied, like a tea latte without milk. Caffeine-Free.
Nitro Cold Brew: Nitrogen-infused House Cold Brew blend. A refreshingly smooth and creamy textured coffee experience. Contains more caffeine than typical cup.