May 2016 Seasonal Menu

Lemonade season is in full swing at Union Station and Park Place cafés. Come cool off with us with one of our several refreshingly cold drinks.

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Coffee Soda: Our hit of the summer last year is back! Enjoy a ice cold coffee soda featuring Colombia cold brew with white grape, raw sugar and bitters, topped off with sparkling water. Curious how we make it? Check out this video.
Fresh Squeezed Hop Lemonade: Our fresh squeezed lemonade grows up with the addition of aromatic and piney Mosaic hops. Sorry beer fans, this drink doesn't contain any alcohol.
Summer Brew 2016: We've developed a delicious blend that is perfect for all your toddy needs. Sweet, creamy and rich like dark chocolate. Round and smooth mouthfeel with a hint of berry preserves in the finish.  We love it black, but cream and sugar transform this blend into caffeinated chocolate milk. Not only is it available to drink in café, you can take your own bag home to brew! Learn how to make your own cold brew on our blog.