Masterful Micro-lots from Cup of Excellence

The Cup of Excellence® is the most prestigious coffee quality competition in the world. Some even say it’s the Oscars of the coffee industry. The Alliance for Coffee Excellence, a non-profit organization, manages the competition and provides general support for coffee excellency. Thousands of coffees are submitted for rigorous review annually, which means a coffee placing towards the top will have been tasted by at least 30 internationally renowned coffee professionals.


Several countries participate each year and submit thousands of lots, but only a handful of lots are selected to go to auction. Over 80% of the proceeds from the auction go directly to the farmer. Further, the recognition given to these award-winning estates and the relationships developed with green coffee buyer lasts long after the competition has closed.


In order to have a chance at purchasing the Cup of Excellence, we had to participate in an auction, which required us to reserve a spot and indicate country of origin we were interested in. We were lucky enough to have our Arabica Q Grader Certified Coffee Sourcing Manager, Robin Seitz, represent us at the auction. Once registered, small samples of the green coffee up for auction were sent to us for personal cupping. Robin, along with our head roaster, Jonathan, and quality control team, tirelessly tasted this coffee, taking detailed notes and discussing favorites.


Our team was able to secure two amazing 2017 lots from the Cup of Excellence auction. We are delighted to be able to share this truly unique taste experience with you. Get both origins with FREE SHIPPING when you buy the bundle!


Click the image below to learn more about our two origins.



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