2017 Cup of Excellence Lot #19: Colombia La Miranda

The Cup of Excellence® is the most prestigious coffee quality competition in the world. The Alliance for Coffee Excellence, a non-profit organization, manages the competition and provides general support for coffee excellency. Several countries participate each year and submit thousands of lots, but only a handful are selected to go to auction with a majority of the proceeds going directly to the farmer. Read more about the Cup of Excellence here.

Parisi Artisan Coffee secured a micro-lot from the 2017 Colombia auction. The lot placed 19th overall in the competition and earned a taste score of 87.44.


About the Farmer:

Hever Arias Cespedes moved to La Miranda with his wife about 16 years ago where they started their small family. Two children have since joined the Cespedes family. Coffee has been the family business for three generations, and Hever is pleased to be teaching one of his children about coffee growing and the dedication that is required.

La Miranda boasts a beautiful view of the Tolima landscape. However, Hever’s favorite part of the farm is the nutrient dense volcanic soil. Since placing in the Cup of Excellence competition, the Cespesdes family plans to keep improving the quality of its coffee in hopes of scoring even higher with more micro-lots. Hever will also share his knowledge about growing coffee with young farmers in Tolima.

About the Origin:

Farmer: Hever Arias Cespedes
Region: Planadas, Tolima
Estate: La Miranda
Varietal: Caturra and Colombia
Altitude: 1820 – 1980 meters
Process: Washed
Roast: Light
Score: 87.44

Tasting Notes:

This washed process is a round and juicy cup with notes of roasted pear, sweet cinnamon, and mild butterscotch.


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