Brazil Baixadao
Brazil Baixadao
Brazil Baixadao
Brazil Baixadao

Brazil Baixadao

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Originating from the Mantiqueria de Minas region of Brazil, this coffee is a light roast with a buttery body, clean finish, and notes of brown sugar, dried figs, and vanilla cream. 

Familia Afonso Cafés Especias is a highly esteemed estate having won multiple Cup of Excellence accolades led by Sebastião Afonso da Silva. While Familia Afonso is made up of many different plots, this special lot is a natural process from their Sítio Baixadão. 

Our Brazil Baixadão is reminiscent of rich fruit cake with the first couple of sips, but as the cup cools it transforms to present a lovely milk chocolate and orange syrup.


Region Mantiqueria de Minas, Brazil
Farm Sítio Baixadão
Estate Família Afonso Cafés Especias
Varietal Mundo Novo, Typica, Yellow Bourbon
Altitude 1200-1400 masl
Process Pulp Natural
Roast Light


Origin Story:

Sebastião Afonso da Silva is the patriarch of the family and pioneer in the area. He started in coffee as a means to get his family out of growing rice and into a path for a better life. He quickly realized his coffee could be something special and has since taken first place in the Cup of Excellence competition twice, been named Best Coffee in Brazil, and even sold the most valuable single bag of coffee at one point. Each of Família Afonso’s lots has won Cup of Excellence accolades, one of which we won in the 2018 auction.

Something unique about Sebastião Afonso is he believes all the coffee picked no matter the color belongs in a cup, outside of major defects. In his own words, “it takes all of these colors to paint the real picture of coffees from Cristina.” His family’s results and awards speak for themselves.