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Roasting Philosophy

Whether you are enjoying a cup of Parisi Coffee at your favorite restaurant, local coffee shop, kitchen table or at one of our Parisi Cafés, you can rest assured that we’ve been looking out for your taste experience every step of the way.


We spend our days tasting, tweaking, blending and crafting until the final product becomes more than coffee. It becomes a complement to a moment, a meal or simply an experience unto itself. An experience we are honored to share with you.


Where Quality Meets Sustainability

As an exclusive specialty coffee roaster, we pay above fair trade prices for the ingredients we source. But, as proud coffee perfectionists, we’ve set our sights higher than a symbol on our package. Our sourcing goals are based on quality and with you in mind.

What role does a focus on quality play in sustainability? Quality creates demand and a level of certainty for future crops where quality can be consistently achieved. We’re proud to have built direct relationships with farms and co-ops producing quality products. We strive to create sustainability by supporting a farm’s ability to invest in future crops as well as improve conditions for workers and their families.

We do source fair trade and organic certified coffees as well as Rainforest Alliance and shade grown offerings. Each sample is evaluated with the parameters of cup quality, the potential for sustainable supply and if the coffee meets our customers’ needs and wants. Regardless of certification, the coffee we select allows to bring a genuinely artistic experience to each cup we share.