Barista pours coffee into mug from far away angle

Brew Methods 101: How to Pour-Over

Full immersion brew methods are great for full bodied coffees. Plus, it’s simply fun to do! Follow the steps below and brew your Parisi coffee like the pros.

  • Fold #4 Melitta Filter along bottom and sides, then place in dripper.
  • Flip the lever to “ON” and fill nearly full with hot water. (This rinses the filter and preheats the dripper.)
  • Grind 24 g (~3.5 tbsp) of coffee and place in dripper. Empty the rinse water from the carafe. Make sure the lever is switched to “OFF”.
  • Start a timer for 3 minutes 30 seconds. Add just enough water to saturate the grounds (~75 g of water). Let the bloom rest for about 30 seconds, then fill the dripper (~375 g water).
  • Once the timer is done, slide the lever to “ON”. Let coffee drain into a carafe.
  • Enjoy your masterfully brewed coffee!