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Brew Methods 101: How to Cold Brew

Single Serve

4 oz. coarse ground coffee 
18 oz. filtered water

Batch Brew

8 oz. coarse ground coffee 
36 oz. (4½ c.) filtered water

  1. Grind Fresh : Very coarsely grind coffee (bigger than kosher salt)
  2. Steep Overnight : Steep in a glass container with cool water overnight (12 – 16 hrs.)
  3. Strain & Filter : Pour mixture through coffee filter or cheesecloth. Drain vessel slowly to keep as many grounds towards bottom as possible.
  4. Store & Serve : Store in fridge for up to 2 weeks in sealed container. Dilute 50/50 with water or milk to serve.


  • You must use a glass container, otherwise unfavorable flavors may seep into the cold brew.
  • Be sure all the grounds are completely saturated before steeping overnight.